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minimal classic

Make room for authentic wood in your space.... leave out everything superfluous....


Minimal Classic selects uniquely natural, authentic, solid wood, and transforms it into classic and minimal designs, in furniture, lighting, objects, each creation with its own aesthetic value. This is the vision of the company founded in December 2012 by Giannis, Effie and Maria.


Giannis, who since childhood passed many hours in his father’s carpentry shop, watching him give form to pieces of wood, started making his own efforts working with wood and asserting himself with his small creations.


Later on he studied finance and business administration in the U.S.A and Great Britain... Return to Greece and  J & J Hellas... Deep satisfaction of succeeding in his aims.


Then, in a place which he particularly loved, a mountain farm at Mavrolithari in the region of Fokis, he started his first workshop with his father’s equipment.  Knowledge,  art and a ‘big workshop’ with modern equipment complemented the first. Today, small and large creations are ready to find their presence in your space.


Maria, who studied public relations at the commercial college ‘Saint George’, whose heroine is Scarlett O’ Hara with her sawmill in Atlanta, with childhood summers at her father’s carpentry who became a woodcutter, when she was asked by her teacher what was her job, with the perfume and the touch of wood, could only be here... at Minimal Classic.


Effie, with studies in Great Britain, in finance and wealth management and experience in Private Banking, came to know and love wood through Gianni’s creations.


Her space is simple, with no frills...  Clean, essential lines, substance are predominant, not impressiveness.


This is the place she invites you to visit, the space of Minimal Classic.

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