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minimal classic maintenance & repair

We construct each and every part of our furniture from natural, genuine, solid wood, using the ultra modern equipment of our unit together with  specialized knowledge and techniques about solid wood.


We resist the easy solution of our times for objects made from wood sub products (such as chip board, MDF, block board) on which a thin layer of natural wood is glued. The artificial  impression of a completely solid construction they create to  the unexperienced eye, is contrary to the vision of minimal classic.


We believe absolutely in the longevity of our furniture. Our desire is for our furniture to  pass from one generation to another. Consequently we face the unavoidable wear  caused by the passage of time and use and respond to your mood for change in detail, possibilities which only the use of solid wood offers. In our hands, small and large  marks or changes in the texture or the shade can be restored. Even sharp corners which want to be transformed into curves or  empty spaces which want to be decorated with india rubber... can become reality.


Following our instructions you can avoid  small everyday wear or repair it  yourself, if you wish to, using the basic equipment we offer with each purchase.


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Maintenance & repair