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minimal classic materials from nature

We have made a production space  equipped with modern, specialized machinery for processing natural, solid wood.


We have filled it with various kinds of wood, from the rare Greek walnut tree,  to trunks from the tropical forests of Africa and America.


We continuously select wood which has ‘ripened’ with  the natural drying process of time and also artificially dried wood, minimizing any difficulties in their use.


We follow techniques which always aim at technical faultlessness and fine taste.


We use exclusively natural materials, respecting the environment and people.


- we use only solid wood


- we decorate with rubber, aluminium, copper, glass or leather


- we prefer the natural color of wood. We play with dark and light tones, choosing wood with the corresponding aesthetic result.


- the finishing is done using  linseed  oil, wax and a combination of both, or we leave the natural texture of wood


- we emphasize the marks of time with patinas or give a more attractive note with various shades from a wide range of water based colors.


We want to give duration in time to everything we make. Our only enemy is the need people have for change.

Materials from nature